IMPORTANT! This website will be taken down on 30 June 2017 as Atlantic Asset Management is now part of Ashburton Investments.

CRISA Disclosure

In line with the Code for Responsible Investing South Africa (CRISA) Practise Notes issued in late 2012, Atlantic is pleased to provide the following disclosures:

ESG factors incorporated into Investment Process

There have been no changes to the process described in the Atlantic Responsible Investment Guidelines. As more information and more measurement tools become available so the team is able to up-skill their knowledge base, interaction skills and analysis in the sustainability areas.

Disclosure of Policies, Guidelines and Ownership Practises

As mentioned in the Atlantic Responsible Investment Guidelines, Atlantic’s investments are predominantly fixed income and debt finance in nature. As debt holders the responsible ownership practises of proxy-voting is currently not a tool that Atlantic can use to address ESG concerns and therefore Atlantic’s main frontiers with respect to responsible ownership are engagement, collaboration and industry leadership.

Our analysts meet company management regularly and are able to engage on issues related to the environment, social matters as well as good governance. Atlantic has created formalised questionnaires for prospective investments in the unlisted space which include pioneering standards to establish baseline indicators with respect to social/environmental challenges within the prospective investment. The names and details of these meetings are kept on file and are available to existing invested clients but not to the public. Atlantic will continue to engage with the broker community as well as the credit agency community regarding ESG research.

Regarding collaboration and the leadership role that Atlantic plays within Responsible Investing; Heather Jackson (CEO of Atlantic Specialised Finance) is currently the Chairperson of the ASISA Responsible Investing Committee and is also a member of ASISA Infrastructure Investment Workgroup. Rob Nagel (CIO of Atlantic Specialised Finance) continues to play a role on the CRISA committee. Furthermore, Atlantic remains willing to collaborate with industry initiatives or co-investors on any material issues that will drive change in the important areas of Responsible Investing.

Atlantic’s Conflict of Interest Policy was updated in January 2013.