IMPORTANT! This website will be taken down on 30 June 2017 as Atlantic Asset Management is now part of Ashburton Investments.


Atlantic’s BCI Real Income Fund is an actively managed fixed income fund which aims to deliver inflation-beating returns over time. The fund will invest primarily in inflation linked bonds as well as other high yielding fixed income securities. The fund manager may also invest in listed property and a basket of selected equity securities to ensure the targeted return is achieved. The Fund aims to protect investors capital and at the same time generate an inflation beating income stream.

Investment Objective

The portfolio will seek to provide the highest level of income that can be sustained without eroding the portfolio’s inflation-adjusted capital base.

Asset Allocation


YearsFundCPI +3%*
Inception 6.80%8.45%
Figures quoted are from @2014 Moneymate for the period ending January 2014 for a lumpsum using NAV to NAV prices with income distribution reinvested