IMPORTANT! This website will be taken down on 30 June 2017 as Atlantic Asset Management is now part of Ashburton Investments.

Fund Mandate

The Atlantic Credit Enhanced Guaranteed Fund targets a stable return of CPI plus 3% by investing in good quality (all investment grade) unlisted credit opportunities. In addition, it seeks to provide a measurable positive impact on society by ensuring that the investments also deliver a high social impact. These positive impact results will include tracking job creation, a consequence of which the Fund has secured a first loss partial capital guarantee from the Jobs Fund program (as overseen by the National Treasury).

The Opportunity

We believe that South African Investment Grade Unlisted Credit represents a high quality and under-invested opportunity for institutional investors to earn attractive, stable long term real returns (of CPI plus 3% per annum) at relatively low levels of risk.

Guarantee Mechanism

The Fund will apply the Guarantee Mechanism to the portfolio. This guarantee was successfully awarded to Atlantic as part of the Jobs Fund program to financially support innovative private sector initiatives that deliver sustainable job creation.

Indicative Portfolio